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Can a broken dental crown be repaired?

Your dental crown in Clearwater is most likely made from ceramic porcelain or possibly zirconia, both strong and dense materials. While these make for excellent dental restorations, they also may be damaged by accidents or misuse. If you have a damaged tooth crown, we may be able to use composite resin to repair certain types of damage.

Typical types of damage we can repair are:

  • Small chips
  • Minor cracks
  • Broken corners

However, if your crown has more extensive cracking or fracturing, it will likely be too fragile to remain intact. In this case, we will likely recommend that you replace your dental crown to ensure your tooth is protected against your chewing force.

Dental Crown Care Is Essential

Dental crowns in Clearwater require cleaning just like your natural teeth. We recommend you brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and clean between your crown and other teeth with floss or another device like a water flosser or dental pick.

We suggest you avoid undue wear and tear, such as chewing ice, biting hard candies, or overeating sticky foods that might dislodge your crown. We also discourage you from ever using your teeth to hold items or loosen knots.

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