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What should I do if I chip my tooth?

A chipped tooth can be upsetting, but a small chip is typically not a dental emergency unless it’s causing you pain. However, your dentist in Clearwater, FL, recommends keeping the tooth clean until your dental appointment. And you should avoid chewing with that tooth until you’ve seen the dentist.

Some tooth chips are superficial but can worsen over time, inviting infection and further breakage. So, we do recommend seeing the dentist, even if the chip is on a back tooth.

Tooth chips can result from biting into hard or jagged objects or food, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), or sudden injury. We can treat the issue and restore your tooth no matter the reason.

For small chips, your dentist may recommend dental bonding. This is a spreadable material that can fill in chips. It is tooth-colored, non-invasive, and inexpensive. For significant chips or tooth fractures, your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown. This tooth-shaped cover fits over the chipped tooth to the gum, restoring bite and beauty!

Repairing Your Chipped Tooth in Clearwater, FL

If you have a chipped tooth, contact our dental office to schedule a visit with the dentist. If you have tooth pain or swelling, it’s crucial to contact us as soon as possible for an emergency dental appointment.

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