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How should I clean my dentures?

Like natural teeth, your dentures get covered in food debris and residues left over from what you drink. So the same bacteria that cause tooth decay may accumulate on your dentures and cause numerous issues. This is why you should clean your dentures daily.

First, after each meal, you should brush your dentures with a denture brush to physically remove more significant food remnants and debris. Then, you should periodically soak your dentures in a deep-cleaning solution for more stubborn deposits.

Finally, make sure you use a dentist-approved denture cleaner. Many come as effervescent tablets which use a bubbling action to help clean your denture.

You should never use hot or boiling water to clean dentures, as you may cause the appliance to warp. Always handle your denture over a folded towel to prevent breakage in case you drop them.

Indications Your Dentures Need More Thorough Cleaning

If you don’t regularly and thoroughly clean your dentures, you may suffer from various issues. Among those problems are:

  • Bad breath
  • Gum inflammation
  • Irritation on your cheeks or gums
  • Mouth and lip sores

Any of these symptoms may mean your dentures need to be cleaned more often. However, over time, unclean dentures may lead to periodontal infections that can make your gums overly sensitive and sore.

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