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How long do dentures last?

Quality dentures in Clearwater, FL, typically last seven to 10 years. However, they sometimes last much longer, depending on several factors.

Keep your dentures and partials clean: We recommend a denture bath and cleaning tablets for overnight soaks. It would be best if you also rinsed your dentures to keep debris from collecting under the surface.

Make sure your dentures fit: As your jawbone deteriorates (a natural part of tooth loss), be sure your dentures remain snug. Talk to your dentist about a reline in our dental office.

Avoid breakage and denture damage: If you have a crack in your denture, it can break completely. Talk to your dentist about repair or replacement.

How Dentures and Partials Work

Dentures and partials are prosthetics that take over when teeth are missing, including complete or partial tooth loss.

They are gum-colored arches with replacement teeth that sit over the gums, relying on clips, gravity, boney oral structures, and adhesives to stay in place.

In some cases, your dentist can attach your dentures with four to six implants to avoid adhesives, relines, and slipping.

Contact Your Dentist in Clearwater, FL

Tooth replacement is crucial to your confidence, chewing ability, and continued oral health. If you’d like to arrange a denture consultation, contact our dental office to schedule it today.

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