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How long does it take to get a dental crown?

Dental crowns in Clearwater, FL, are a versatile tooth restoration that our dentist might recommend when a damaged tooth needs a complete cover as opposed to a tooth-colored filling or partial restoration like a dental veneer.

Because your porcelain crown is custom-made to mimic your natural tooth, we usually perform the procedure over two visits spaced about two weeks apart. At your first visit, Dr. Santos adjusts your tooth shape to make a secure foundation so that the final crown fits comfortably. Next, we create an impression of the prepared tooth and place a temporary crown to protect it until your final crown is ready. 

For your return appointment, Dr. Santos ensures a tight fit between your final crown and your remaining tooth. He then cements your crown and makes any adjustments it may need so that your bite is aligned.

Why Do I Need A Dental Crown?

We may decide a dental crown is the best choice for you in the following situations: 

  • Too little natural tooth remains to support a dental filling
  • After root canal therapy, a crown is standard to protect the treatment
  • Your tooth is stained, discolored, or damaged
  • Your tooth needs to support a dental bridge

Please call our Clearwater, FL, dental office to schedule an appointment if you think you might need a dental crown.

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