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How long should I wait in between dentist appointments

The American Dental Association and your Clearwater dentist recommend scheduling an appointment every six months. This schedule has been shown to lower your risks for preventable issues like cavities and gum disease.

Every six months is for people with excellent oral health. However, your dentist will recommend an alternative schedule if you have gingivitis, gum disease, or other similar conditions.

Your six-month dental checkup is about more than looking at your teeth. It is a comprehensive checkup that includes an oral cancer screening and professional teeth cleaning.

Your professional teeth cleaning clears cavity-causing debris from hard-to-reach areas, including the back teeth. It also rids your teeth of stubborn plaque and tartar that at-home efforts can’t remove entirely. It is plaque and tartar that lead to tooth decay.

And finding oral health issues early, during your six-month dental checkup in Clearwater, FL usually means less invasive treatment. Early detection also saves you time and money on prolonged care to restore your oral health.

Schedule Your Six-Month Dental Checkup in Clearwater, FL

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even systemic health issues. Lower your risks with regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings near me. Reach out today if you have questions or are ready to arrange an exam.  

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