Dental Crowns & Bridges in Clearwater, FL

At Causeway Dentistry in Clearwater, FL, Dr. Earl Santos is pleased to offer high-quality custom dental crowns and bridges to restore broken and missing teeth. We craft these tooth restorations for your unique smile using the most natural-looking and durable materials available today.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?

diagram of how a dental crown works Dr. Santos usually recommends a dental crown when a tooth is too damaged to repair with a filling. Crowns are tooth-shaped shells of ceramic that cover an entire tooth to shield it from further damage and provide a new chewing surface. A crown gives a tooth a second chance because it allows you to chew comfortably and smile confidently again. 

All our crowns are made using zirconia, one of the most durable dental materials available today. When Dr. Santos custom-shades the crown to match surrounding teeth, it will blend seamlessly with your smile.

What Problems Do Dental Crowns Fix?

Crowns are a versatile restoration that our dentist might recommend in the following situations. 

  • A tooth is too decayed to be treated with a filling
  • A damaged tooth has already been filled multiple times
  • A root-canaled tooth needs added strength and protection
  • A severely stained tooth does not respond to whitening

Please call our Clearwater, FL dental office to schedule an appointment if you think you might need a dental crown.

What’s the Process for Getting a Crown?

Getting a dental crown is usually done over two visits spaced about two weeks apart. At the first appointment, Dr. Santos reshapes your tooth so that the crown fits comfortably and blends naturally with surrounding teeth. Next, he takes impressions of the prepared tooth that we use to create a temporary crown to protect it until your final crown is ready. 

When you return to our office in about two weeks, Dr. Santos will test the crown on your tooth for fit. He will ensure that it feels comfortable and natural and doesn’t interfere with your dental bite. The final step is to polish the crown and cement it securely in place.

Dental Bridges – A Solution for Missing Teeth

Diagram of how a dental bridge worksIt is best for your oral health, comfort, and confidence to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. When you lose a tooth, other teeth have to work harder, and neighboring teeth can start to tilt into the gap in your smile and lead to tooth misalignment, dental wear, and TMJ problems. 

A dental bridge is a perfect solution because it fills the space left by a missing tooth and restores lost chewing function. Bridges consist of an artificial tooth with a dental crown on either side. The artificial tooth sits in the gap and is secured to adjacent teeth with the crowns to complete your smile.

Custom Dental Crowns and Bridges in Clearwater, FL

If you have broken or missing teeth, our natural-looking custom crowns and bridges can help you eat, speak, and smile with confidence again. 

Please call our Clearwater, FL dental office to arrange an appointment to see how we can help!