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We want you to have the best possible experience at Causeway Dentistry, and modern technology helps us improve the comfort, efficiency, and outcomes of your dental treatment. Please check out some of the technology we currently offer, then schedule an appointment to see how it benefits your oral health care!

Nitrous Oxide

With nitrous oxide (laughing gas), there's no reason for you to sit anxiously through a dental appointment ever again. Nitrous oxide is a gas we mix with oxygen, and you inhale it through a small, comfortable breathing mask.

Just relax and breathe normally, and as you do, you'll start to feel a warm sense of relaxation and a feeling of extreme well-being. You may feel drowsy, but you won't go to sleep. Our dental team has had training to safely administer nitrous oxide, and they will monitor you continuously through your procedure to make sure you're comfortable.

When we finish your procedure, we switch the flow from nitrous to pure oxygen that you inhale for several minutes. You will be able to drive yourself home safely as the effects leave your system quickly.

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Panoramic X-Rays

Sometimes it’s helpful for our dentist to see a panoramic x-ray that shows all your teeth in a single continuous image. This type of x-ray is beneficial because it goes beyond just showing us cavities. A panoramic x-ray produces an image with a wide view of all your teeth, including your upper and lower jaws and surrounding bone and tissue in one x-ray.

With a panoramic x-ray, you stand in front of the machine as the arm rotates around your head. These x-rays are extraoral (outside the mouth) and benefit patients who can’t tolerate intraoral (inside the mouth) x-rays, including those with a strong gag reflex or special healthcare needs.

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Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays at our Clearwater dental office because they give us a focused and accurate picture of your teeth with a fraction of the radiation exposure of traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays show dental issues that our dentist can't see during a visual examination, including bone infections, abscesses, gum (periodontal) disease, cysts, and tumors.

The x-ray images are instantly available, so Dr. Santos can review them with you on your chairside monitor and you can see what he sees. It's important to us that you feel informed about your oral health needs, and with digital x-rays, we can include you in the decision-making process.

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Intraoral Cameras

If you've ever wondered what your dentist is looking at as they perform an examination, now we can include you in the process, thanks to intraoral cameras. An intraoral camera is a small, handheld digital camera that fits comfortably inside your mouth. As Dr. Santos moves it over your teeth, you'll see the images appear in real-time on your chairside monitor.

Seeing problems like cavities, gum disease, broken fillings, or worn teeth helps you understand your oral health needs. When you do, you'll feel informed and better able to make confident decisions about your dental care.

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