Teeth Whitening in Clearwater, FL

Woman smiling with very white teeth in ClearwaterAt Causeway Dental, we know that a bright, white smile can help you feel refreshed and even contribute to a more youthful appearance. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is convenient and affordable and eliminates stains and discoloration, leaving you with a refreshed appearance. 

The Advantage of Professional Teeth Whitening 

As we age, our teeth naturally discolor. Tooth enamel thins and tiny holes in its surface attract stains from beverages like red wine, coffee, and dark tea. Even in your 20s, you may notice that your bright white smile is looking a little dull and faded.

Professional teeth whitening turns back the clock and restores your smile to its youthful brightness. At our Clearwater, FL dental office, we offer two ways to whiten your teeth: custom take-home kits and pre-filled whitening trays.

Custom Take-Home Whitening Kits

We offer professional take-home kits with whitening trays customized for your unique smile. Just stop by our office so we can take impressions of your teeth that we use to create your trays. Dr. Santos will consider your individual needs when prescribing the strength of whitening gel that’s right for you.

At home, you’ll place the gel in the custom trays and whiten daily for 20-30 minutes for about two weeks. Since we use dental impressions, your custom trays cover all tooth surfaces evenly, and the result is beautiful, consistent whitening.

You will have some gel left after whitening for two weeks, and you can use it with your trays for monthly touchups.

Pre-Filled Teeth Whitening Trays

If you’d prefer to start whitening right away, we offer convenient and easy-to-use pre-filled whitening trays. The comfortable trays conform to the shape of your teeth for even whitening results. Since the trays already contain the right amount of whitening product, they are ready to use right out of the box. 

There are no impressions or waiting for your whitening trays—just stop by our dental office, pick them up, and whiten!

How to Keep Your Teeth Bright after Whitening

When you see your newly brightened smile, the chances are that you're never going to want to go back to a dull smile and yellow teeth!

To maintain the bright results for as long as possible, here are some helpful tips.

Avoid Foods and Drinks That Stain Teeth

Teeth whitening trays in Clearwater, FLThere’s a long list of staining foods and beverages to avoid if you want to maintain a bright smile. These include coffee, dark tea, red wine, dark berries, beets, curries, soy sauce, and tomato sauce.

Brush Twice a Day, Floss Once

Keeping up with brushing and flossing is a must if you want to maintain a bright, white smile. Brush in the morning and before bedtime, and floss daily. If you do consume staining foods, rinse your mouth with water frequently.

Stay Current with Six-Month Teeth Cleanings

Our dentist recommends professional cleanings for most people every six months to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The added benefit is that since your hygienist removes all traces of plaque and tartar and gives your teeth a good polish, you’ll walk out with a brighter, refreshed smile!

Your Bright White Smile Starts Here!

Dr. Santos recommends teeth cleaning before whitening to remove plaque and tartar that could affect treatment results. Please call our Clearwater, FL dental office at (727) 791-1450 to schedule an appointment to get started!